At night after a specific hour there is a rotting flesh smell in my house.Is it haunted?



No. It is probably just bodies under the floorboards.


It sounds to me like The Amityville Horror, when George Lutz woke up at 3:15 every morning. His wife even woke up screaming one night she'd been shot.

Mr. P

Maybe that's when a neighbour is disposing of his ex-wife. Dennis Nilsen murdered 12 people and hid bodies under his floorboards, and regularly had bonfires at night to dispose of them, some of which were enjoyed by local kids. ...just a thought.


clean the garbage cans that are right next to the house . at night when the wind settles down , the stench of the garbage comes in .

Obi Wan Knievel

If that's all you've got, it's not nearly enough to even interest any paranormal investigator. Well, maybe you'd get those TV clowns over to your house (the guys who film in green-o-vision and whisper/yell "what was that, did you hear that" while wildly swinging the camera around), but that's about it. I've experienced the smell of rotting flesh, and I assure you it's not in your house. If it was, it would wake everyone in the building up. Rotting flesh doesn't smell like most people think it would, and it's really an unforgettable smell. It smells like a cross between bacon cooking and a really spicy fart, and it's almost impossible to get rid of.

English Guy

Going on your choice of best answer, this post is obviously just rubbish.