PLEASE hElp I'm scared?

I just heard cracking noises that sound EXACTLY like the ones you hear when someone is walking. The sound was moving around in the other room and I'm home alone! I didnt hear footstep but you usually dont unless one is wearing shoes. Please tell me theres a logical explanation, I'm so afraid it's a home invasion or that this house has become haunted ...

Dr. NG

It's always a good move when fearing a home invasion to head for the Internet. There you can ask strangers with no possible way of rendering any aid at all for help.


If you think someone is in the house call 911, it could also mean the house is "settling" as they say, the house will moan or creak when it does. Lock your door, keep the phone nearby and if you think you should, get out.


It's probably a home invasion from the caravan aliens!


Temperature changes from day to night and even wind can cause the house to flex. Boards rub against each other, however they do not rub smoothly, friction keeps them from moving until the stresses build up and "Pop!" they let go and move just a little bit---and then the stresses build and POP again----and so on. Sounds like footsteps.


I understand


I sometimes am alone at my house which doesn't have a second floor and hear people running on the sealing. Probably just lost souls, but if you feel like is a home invasion instead of being here you should have called the police.


Yes sounds like u are being haunted once it starts don't expect it to stop because it hasn't for me yet, I don't want to get u worried but that kind of stuff usually happens when u have been cursed awful things happen to me constantly after I hear those noises either after a couple of hours or days, I have no clue what to do I've tried everything. I'm only joking


Logic will be a lie. It's all science even ghosts. You have to do good karma and donate good karma to him or her. Cleanse the house and such.

English Guy

If joists are shared by the house next door, it is easy to transfer sounds. Ask your neighbour if they hear you walking around. EDIT! NG is right, all you get is the odd battyboy who has no experience and the odd few retards