Could things that are paranormal or otherwise supernatural be nuanced in juxtaposition to things that are understood and natural phenomena?



I don't think so because two moments in my life I never forget. When my grandad passed a few days later I saw him plain as day in the window of my student house for about 20 seconds he was there in an old suit and much younger. Another my friend and I were driving (he was the driver) we were chatting away then suddenly I heard "where are we going" and I was just going to reply but just before I did it dawned onto me that it should have just been me and him in the car. I looked back ever so slightly and saw a girl I didn't get a clear look at her but she was blonde in her 20's and wearing something red. I was frozen scared and couldn't believe what was happening I couldn't talk or move for anything, I totally regret that and wished I could have said something back. I never expect anyone to believe me and I never said anything to my friend about it. Still if you go through anything like this I'm not gonna say it changes your life but you never forget it.


There is NO "Supernatural" as such, only the NATURAL, we do not understand yet. We do not know everything yet, you know. And it has always been the habbit of man to superstitiously assign the things he does not know to the "Supernatural" as the work of "ghost", "Spirits of the dead" and such.


Your question is difficult to grasp, using nuanced (adjective) as a verb blurs its meaning.

English Guy

If you see a guy playing golf, that is completely different from a dead guy playing golf, isn't it? The same scenario but one is paranormal.

English Guy

I have no idea what you are asking, of course I have no idea about many things, but I do know that 80% of people know that the paranormal is real juxtaposed or not. Where did I get that figure from? That is for me to know and for you to find out.