Were the military weapons used by Nazi Germany more advanced than those used by the Romans?



Go away Henry.

Obi Wan Knievel

Yes, but only slightly. The ancient Romans used a different grade of diesel fuel in their vehicles.

Dr. NG

Advanced yes, but weapons now are far too impersonal. I wonder if battles and war would still happen if we still stood toe to toe slicing and dicing each other with swords, arrows, and spears. In battles now we shoot at, and blow up enemies and rarely ever look them in the eye until after they're dead.


Yes. Two thousand years of research and development does that.

Andymcj78 - Atheist

In many cases they were more advanced than the weaponry used by their 1940s opponents - the panzerfaust, 88mm gun and ME 262 were all ahead of their time.




Fundamentally, no. Both had weapons that simply hurled things through the air that caused damage and death upon impact. Even airplanes are just another way of hurling things (bullets, rockets, bombs).


When WWII started the Romans, along with the rest of Italy was on the same side as Germany so had similar weapons.


Yes, especially things like the Panther tank, the 88 mm anti-tank gun, the ballistic rockets and the jet planes.


What? The Romans didn't have fire power (guns, ammunition, or tanks) Does no one teach history anymore?


necessity is the mother of invention and to win you need better weapons the USA could destroy ROME in 2 mins that lasted a thousand years what a wonderful way to win incinerate the lot


The Messerschmitt 262 was the first jet airplane: capable of flying more than 100mph faster than any Allied plane. Hitler confiscated the entire potato crop of Germany to make fuel for it, but refused to use it in combat because he only wanted it to be a bomber. It was a fighter and would have won most air combats


They called themselves Italians not Romans the time World War II came along under Mussolini, and no they had similar weapons... because Germany did not have enough time to weapon or their nuclear weapons.