Have you had a paranormal experience?

seen things moving, door closing, etc?

Md Selim

No, and I very much doubt that anyone else has either.

Jeffrey K

Yes. I once put two polarizer lenses from a camera together and rotated them until no light got thru them. Then I put a third polarizer between them. Now some light came thru. But that is impossible since a polarizer can only block light, not create it. So how did light get thru 3 lenses but not 2 lenses? This can not be explained by classical logic. It is surely paranormal.

Mr. P

One of the most active places I stayed was a farmhouse my parents rented for a weeks holiday. The person letting it met us outside and handed us the keys - saying there was food inside and help ourselves- would be back on Sunday to collect the keys. There was just my parents, me and my partner and the kids - we locked up each night. Things would move on the dressing table overnight, and if we left the room. there was knocking on various walls, one time it was the mirror that was knocking and could be seen moving. I saw some kids outside playing cricket - one bowled a ball that hit a kerb, bounced up and broke the window. This was in the dining room which could be seen from where I was sitting in the kitchen. I went through to check the window and the one I saw broken was the only one out of 12 that had been replaced - many years ago and had lighter but cracked putty. We heard piano music late at night, but there was no piano in the place. I did see large circular marks in the wood floor in the lounge on the middle floor near the window where a piano would have been. We kept all of this from the kids not to spook them, but they were spooked by other things. One night they both ran out of the room saying "the tapestry had come alive" and still have no idea what that was about. Also they came out of their room to say goodnight one night and went back in - only to come running out again saying there were books everywhere - and indeed there was - but had not been there moments before. My partner was pushed twice on the stairs, and electrocuted by a lightswitch. Saw other things too but it was difficult to sleep there for a week.


No, and I very much doubt that anyone else has either.


Yes, one time when I was in a hotel room abroad I have heard strange voices and noise, at one point in the night I thought I even saw a person standing in my room. It might just have been paranoia...


Yes, my mom heard a scream one night, and herd voices