How to rid a spirit inside home?

after a year in a half moving into my current home a male spirit has made his presence known here a few times, usually by a shadow on the wall or slamming my basement door. he doesn't scare me I just think he should really move on and not linger in the past because I know the difference between a male and female shadow... doh! I have tried a few things in the past days and have heard nothing as of yet but that doesn't mean anything. sometimes he will go long periods of doing nothing, I will wait and see

Robert De Angelis-Italy-United States

How do you know which is masculine style? And then, you said something exaggerated, is out there for a year and a half? Perhaps the six sympathetic? LOL!


If you can't drink spirits without having hallucinations, give the rest of the bottle to someone who will appreciate it.


Smudge stick of sage. St. Michael the Archangel prayer Holy water Chaplet of St. Michael Blessing of the house Exorcism


scare it back


This is unconventional but I have found it to be very effective, take a large carrot and brandish it about and do this in every room of your house while shouting "Get out or I'll stab you with my fruit sword." I did this last Wednesday and I haven't been bothered by ghosts at all since then.

Christian in Jesus

Hidden in plain sight. Confess Jesus Christ as your savior and allow for him to rule the dominion. What happens in life is that sin erodes mankind's dominion. And, this will allow dark forces and disease to enter. You need protection, scared or not.

Ronald 7

Shout begone ye dirty Beast !! and watch the dog's reaction ha ha


Ask it WHY it is there?

Rebecca Angela

You can't. These 'spirits' are everywhere, I recorded a spirit voice by accident on my cell-phone, it ended with a loud shush. Our dog used to bark at one and follow its movements around the room. You have to accept the fact that they were there first and will only leave when ready.

English Guy

It didn't take a lot for you to decide that you have an entity in your home, just a slamming door and a shadow. You have an awful lot of examining to do before you can make that claim. There is a 99.99% chance that it is a breeze or draught of some kind that slams the door and about the same chance that your eyes are playing up. Check everything and every possibility no matter how remote. If all fails, then you may have some kind of paranormal taking place. The bit that gets me is how you can see a shadow, hear a door slam and then say "it's a male?"

Mr. P

Add a proper catch to your basement door so it closes properly, and shadows aren't really worth bothering with. Just tell it not to frighten you and it can stay. I am surprised at how many suggest Holy water and prayers/ church blessings ...and in the same breath call for smudging with sage, using salt and placing iron on thesholds. You can't really do both. I can just see your local vicar casting a circle of protection in salt while he reads from the bible.


Get yourself into the 20th century (never mind the 21st) and realize that there's no such thing as "spirits" in the sense you are using the word.

Raro Fidelis

Get a brick to hold your basement door open, challenge the spirit to shut it now, he'll be so frustrated that he can't he will move on to a place with easier doors.


Here's a short (3-minute) humorous video that shows you exactly what you need to do. Really, though, what you're trying to be rid of exists only in your fertile but superstitious imagination. . .

Richard D

Yeah, good idea. I would begin by cleaning the room and making it ritually clean with Hyssop herb. Then burn a little incense and leave the place alone. This also yields you a clean house. Clutter begets confusion and confusion begets spirits.


Burn sage.


Spirits don't exist. Stop using that as an excuse to explain shadows on the wall.


Sounds like a black man has burglarized your home. Quite clever to pick a residence where the owner is a nut and will think magic shadow people are after him. Instead of magical thinking I suggest you call the police.


Bless the foundation of the house with holy water and or blessed salt. You can also get some ceilanyte and put it in every corner of every room in the house. Iron wards off evil spirits too. You can buy some old rail road spikes online for pretty cheap and hammer them in the ground around your property.