What am I dealing with? Polteregiest? Trickster? Demon? Shadow people? HELP!?

Started with the blankets and pillows being pulled off of the bed. While i shower my socks & underwear vanish which is more stressful than scary. It plays with feet, moved several things like a dresser and night stand, throws pebbles from inside of a shut tank, recently I got scratched, but they weren't a demonic looking it's weird I'll attach a photo. I watched them appear after feeling a burning sensation. I'm scared for my daughter. I sent her to her father's house. She woke up at 3 am saying baba black sheep bit me in July, it stopped but a week ago started again. It bothers her when we are together alot, it doesn't happen to her as much when she's with her father's (we are in separate states) but it still happens.I believe it attached itself to me at her father's when we lived there. We left because he became abusive. It follows wherever I go and stays with me for the most part.I've started seeing orbs, mists, twinkles of light and a black shadow about a toddler size shadow.My bed literally moves like someone is crawling inside of the matress. I asked it if it was good or bad. 1 knock good 2 bad. I got 3 knocks. There was a point when we lived with her father I always felt watched and scared. The baseboards literally separated from the walls slightly (this is some horror movie **** guys) but now since it started and even though it did attack me which it didn't the first time.i don't feel watched or scared. Like at all.Someone please help me😭 (I couldn't list all events)

Raro Fidelis

You could start by going to the doctor to get your eyes checked since seeing things like mists and twinkles are usually symptoms of medical issues, and while you are there you could mention some of your other problems..

Pearl L

nnaybe you should nnove too if you live in such a crazy place

English Guy

Often during the day, you can scratch yourself without knowing it. Later, you may get a very fine unnoticeable layer of sweat on your body. The salt stings and makes the scratch swell a little. It will now look and feel like it just happened. As for the pebble, I take it you are talking about a fish tank and a decorative pebble hit you? If you seriously have large objects moving in your home such as cabinets then you need to report it to your local spiritualist church. They will send someone to take a look. There is nothing worse than some idiot telling you to see a doctor when you have witnessed paranormal. You sound quite genuine. If it is of any help, poltergeist hauntings are often reported when there are prepuberty little girls in the house. The hauntings can suddenly appear in a clean house and just as suddenly, go away. This haunting has been reported to have lasted several days to several months. Some scientists believe that it may somehow be the little girl herself who generates this enterty without knowing it. It happens moreso if the child is disturbed in some way (feeling stressed by your separation) If anyone needs a doctor, it may be your child.