Are you supposed to get traumatized about an incubus attack?

I am traumatized about a certain case of an incubus attacking and harassing me back in 2015-2017. Am I supposed to be traumatized about that incubus, or am I supposed to move on more easily just because he was an incubus? :/

Dr. NG

No one should be traumatized by an imaginary being attack. I suggest talking it over with a mental health professional.


My smootchy honeybuns English Guy once pretended to be an incubus, I was traumatized too, not by the sexual nature of the attack, but the fear that I was going to be crushed to death.


From what u understand. An incubus is a male demon who has sex with women as she sleeps. I don't think there is a "norm" to how you are supposed to feel.


Depends if it was a rough unkind sort of attack or if the incubus held your hand and said that he loved you.