What is your theory of the paranormal other than there isn’t any which I’m pretty sure there is indeed but I would you to say what you think?


Gary K

If science could confirm the existence of any 'paranormal' phenomena, it would be no longer paranormal. To be paranormal, by definition, it must be outside of the scope of scientific understanding; ie; things like ghosts or spirits for which not shred of evidence exists so there's nothing for science to examine, or even produce a falsifiable hypothesis. Basically the paranormal doesn't exist. If you could verify something paranormal does exist, it can't be paranormal. So you can think of "paranormal" as you would for "fantasy".

Dr. NG

My theory/hope on the paranormal is with education and Critical Thinking it withers on the vine. While it's true many things once thought paranormal lightening, flight etc. are now Science, these were things that all could see. How does that compare to say psychics or ghosts? One can see lightning and bees flying, but where do we go to see a ghost or someone performing telekinesis. Okay spotting a ghost could be hard, but psychic powers like TK and Astral projection should be easy enough to show. While Alchemy may have progressed to Chemistry we still can't change lead to gold because it's impossible. Keep in mind of all the things once thought to be magic, not one ever proved to be.

Jeffrey K

Science developes a theory by observing a phenomenon many times under a variety of controlled conditions. The theory summarizes all the evidence and mathematically predictes new phenomena. This can not be done with the paranormal because evidence can not be found repeatedly and consistently. It is always just a story or a one time event.

paranormal refers to any events that are outside or beyond the scope of scientific understanding. i don't really think there is anything that is outside the scope of scientific understanding. there is nothing which we cannot understand or that cannot be explained. there may be, however, some things we are not smart enough to understand currently, but that is another issue altogether. for example, what was once thought to be magic, is now understood and explained by science. what was once called alchemy is now understood as chemistry. those that used folk remedies were called witches, and are now called doctors and herbalists. people always fear what they do not understand. once you understand something, you have no reason to fear it. just as snake handlers are not afraid of snakes, and people who deal with venomous spiders are not afraid because they know how these creatures think, and know how to manage and handle them safely. a person who understands bats knows that they don't attack people for no reason, and do not "dive bomb" them EVER. a well-informed person can simply walk up to a bat and grab it off the walk without fear, because they know the bat is scared stiff and just wants out of the house it is in. learning about the paranormal, and also realizing that it is NOTHING like what you see in the movies, is the first step towards enlightenment, and greater understanding...

Dr W

here's a theory .. things happen .. sometimes we don't understand those things .. some people want to believe in ghosts, goblins, the spirit world, etc, so they attribute .. .. . those things to "paranormal".. when in reality, the happening has "normal" explanation. .. other people prey on those believers by feeding them a load of crap and charging them for it. that's my theory.


The paranormal is a fact that i have experienced many times over the years. But Christianity is brainwash, with some truth in it.

No Bozos

Since I've never experienced anything paranormal, I have no theory. Other than the theory that people's brains are still entrenched in the past where the unexplained was attributed to paranormal activities. By the way. I'm a devout Catholic, so you can't dismiss my comment as the musing of an atheist.

Nine Lives

We only call it paranormal because we wiped out the old knowledge from 6000 years ago. That was the time the new religions came up - they killed the knowledge to have space to teach a slave religion (Christianity and Islam ). Watch some videos by Thomas Campbell at YouTube.

Mr. P

It's just that we don't understand what is going on yet. I believe it may be a latent ability in our genetics that most people just don't know about or use. You could suggest that if we were created with DNA mixed from another species and our native ape DNA then we may have inherited this ability. Most religions and some ancient archaeological sites point to this being a possibility. So if we do have some kind of ability to see the past then it may be a type of survival instinct. Most of the things I see are pain or death of an individual or group, and if this serves as a warning then I could possibly avoid the same fate. It could just be an out of date reflex reaction that we don't use anymore. I am scientific in my research of what I see, yet I cannot explain why it happens, only that to me it is an unpredictable observable effect.

English Guy

We all suddenly appeared here. Here, it seems. is on a speck of dust that appears to float in empty space. There are countless specs of similar dust around us. Some are on fire and some are hundreds of degrees below zero. If you put the existence of our own speck of dust into a 24-hour clock, we have only been here for the last couple of seconds. For most of that time, man thought a pointed stick was a pretty cool idea. I would think that man is not a wise choice when it comes to asking what it is all about. Although some may kid that they know, they don't and most of them having had no experience at all in paranormal, will happily spout crap to witnesses. These same denialists have no idea of probability and will make up the biggest load of bull to try and cover a paranormal event rather than be proved wrong. Throughout history, we have had denialists who have badly slowed down man's progress with their mockery. If we listened to them, we would still be travelling by sea as anything heavier than air can't fly. All science was called magic and the inventors were just magical thinkers. As soon as man learned to talk to people at the other side of the earth without even shouting, the denialists hid under the bed for a while. We wouldn't even have computers in our homes thanks to those people. I doubt Gary k will ever understand the word "evidence" yet he is here telling us there is no evidence of paranormal. He must never have used a Library before. NG, instead of answering your question properly, seems to prefer to nitpick at certain paranormal things. We have not been here five minutes and all we know is what our memory tells us. If it never happened before, then it can't happen in some peoples minds. We have no idea at all as to what death is, yet the people with no experience of paranormal shout loudest. Common sense should be telling them not to dig their heels in on a hunch. Someone someday may actually be able to give, not just evidence, but full proof of what happens when we die. We should be taking notice of all evidence and not passing it off as rubbish the way denialists do. The strange thing is, they throw it to the wind with no proof what so ever that it is actually rubbish. I personally have been witness to paranormal on several occasions. Therefore, I can't listen to some silly little plonker at the other side of the world who tries to tell me I did not witness what I witnessed. In time, all will be revealed and the denialists will be under the bed again.

j: A theory

A theory: there is energy beyond the physical atom level, and human souls sometimes tap into it. (The energy is probably energies, e.g. God, Angels, and other). Related: "Looking into the Invisible;" "The Path of the Higher Self;" "Watch Your Dreams."