Waking up to whispers?

Today was like the 3rd or 4th time this month I’ve woken up to a voice or whisper of a person I know. It wakes me up but no ones there and it’s a bit creepy.


Ever notice how many paranormal things happen to people who are just waking up? One explanation would be the brain is going from a closed loop cycle of generating its own stimulus during sleep, to an open loop where the external world generates the stimulus in full wakefulness, and momentarily as it switches modes, there is some residual self generated stimulus that gets incorporated with actual sense data from the real world. But many people prefer the far more plausible "ghosts that exist just as I'm waking up" theory.

Jeffrey K

It was probably a dream.

Md Selim

It was probably a dream.

Josephette Maria

Lay with your eyes shut pretending to be asleep and maybe what ever it is will be bold enough to whisper you an important message.

Gary K

Irrational to invoke paranormal before you can dismiss natural phenomena, eg; hypnagogia. See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia#Sounds

Mr. P

Keep a spook diary of events. Things may make sense over time.


You can ask a Pastor to bless your house. In the meantime, for protection ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and save you. Read, study and obey the Bible. Attend church. Call out Jesus Christ's name when you hear the voices. State out loud "Be cast to Hell in the name of Jesus!"

English Guy

Sound is magnified when you are asleep or on the cusp of wakefulness. This is probably to alert you of a stalking beast. You may have made an involuntary whistle or noise due to mucus in the nose or a wheeze of the chest. Because your mind hates random, it translates the sound to something you know or understand such as a human voice. The same thing happens when you look at a cloud and see a car or horse. It is called pareidolia.