Demons/spirits known for shape shifting?

So my wife and I have been experiencing unusual events. She is pregnant and has mentioned hearing things and seeing things. Which would be alarming for her mental health if it wasn't something myself have been experiencing as well, she compains about Shadow's and whispers of "hey" in her ear. The shadows are never seen together but always appear different in silhouette and she can sometimes make out clothing but never faces. I myself have seen her walk from the bathroom and followed her to the bedroom and then she disappears and she reapears in the bathroom as though she never left. We hear foot steps at night all through our home. I've had bizzare dreams of one specific shape shifter that reapears. Taking the form of loved ones, strangers, animals. This thing has stood in the street causing my wife to swerve thinking it was a real person. Part of me thinks it could be malevolent. Any history or knowledge of a specific entity that matches the description?


seems like your home is inhabited by a ghost ghosts are dead people hanging around their previous home instead of going to the other side when they died, ghosts are always miserable as they haven't experienced the bliss of heaven because they refused to go so are stuck in a grey parallel existence looking on at the new people living in their old home and sometimes causing mischief demons are something different from ghosts demons are evil entities if you do see one it is like a dark shadow it's no fun living in a haunted house, some gifted people can see them and send them on their way to heaven telling them their loved ones are waiting for them there your only resource is the power of Jesus you could start by saying the Lords prayer every night before you go to sleep and whenever you feel scared this will instantly protect you. demons are more dangerous than ghosts because they want to get inside you and control you - only a close connection with Christ can protect you you could even try to get rid of the ghost - through the power of Jesus which could be good fun if you are interested in that sort of thing - good luck

Mr. P

You may have a problem. I would write what has happened so far in a logbook, and keep a log of what is happening to each of you, and the date and time, and any other factors. This will be important if you get anyone involved later as it is easy to hand it over than sit there for an hour trying to remember details. It is not unusual to have weird dreams during pregnancy but this is going beyond the normal. You may want to find a local ghost hunting group that would come to your house to see if there is anything there they can find. For a start it's usually free because they want to investigate such cases, and it will help you determine if they find anything or not. You can also ask them to research your property history. If they ask for any money - offer tea/coffee and biscuits, but no cash. Just request they don't use spirit boards or you could have something worse going on later. Talking to the church will usually result in a quick blessing and being shown the door without any serious proof. I would save their involvement till later if needed. The pre-arrival case of your wife and the bathroom is sometimes reported in properties that have quite a lot of similar sightings and notably footsteps/ doorbell ringing/ knocking, hearing the post etc out of sync with events. Also small items may go missing only to re-appear in the exact spot they were left. These are all reports of similar cases so watch for these things and note them down. If it gets too much try spending a weekend away from the house to see if the activity is only at the house or continues. This may help to find a solution.


This sounds really weird’ maybe it’s just stress from the pregnancy

Gary K

Nonsense. Shadows and dreams are not "shape-shifting demons". These things are superstition - they do not exist in reality.

Christian in Jesus

You have both been exposed to very high levels of radiation. The levels that are found at radio stations is significant to cause you to have a detrimental energy affect. She is pregnant so it is important that you decontaminate your environment. As far as the phenomena is concerned it will go away if you don't encourage it anymore. Ignore it. It will go away. Stop using chlorine and other ion- products. Use the source links below, while your wife is away from the house, because she is pregnant, and if she begins nursing. This is serious and it is time for you to be a father, not a movie goer.


It's probably aliens. By the sounds of it, they're not too bothered about your sharing a close dimensional space with them. I suggest leaving gingerbread cookies out for them.


There is an unclaimed prize of one million dollars from the James Randi Education Foundation for scientific proof of paranormal phenomena.