How effective are Ghost Boxes for communication with the dead?

Have you any experience?


Lousy. They're great for communicating with the subconscious imaginations of whoever is using it, though. . .

Dr W

they are useless since it's impossible to communicate with the dead.

Gary K

No one knows if consciousness survives death, or if "ghosts" exist in any way. There is no good evidence for this despite decades of research. So it's highly unlikely there is any device that actually communicates with the dead, but very highly likely that devices that claim to do so are simply gimmicks or scams. I'm sure a Nobel Prize awaits the person who can confirm by following the rigors of scientific method that they have a device capable of communicating with dead people.


Not at all.




Sometimes they WORK and we communicate with SOMETHING---But that is not evidence that that "Something" is a spirit of the dead.


My nephew bought one around to attempt to contact my late wife Desirée, he turned it on and started asking question, at first it sounded just like garbled nonsense, but eventually when he asked if Auntie Dessy was there it said something that sounded very much like "here, here" he asked if she was happy on the other side and she replied "never yet". Then he asked if she had a message for me and this time clear as day she said "I know", Jim asked what it was that she knew about and she said "About him." That's when I put a stop to this nonsense, I'd remarried since Des had passed and my new wife was within earshot. I don't know what it was that Des knew but I didn't think that this was a good time to find out.


Yes went on a ghost tour once and the guy had a ghost box it really did seem to answer our questions he also had those flashing meters they use on ghost shows they were pretty cool too

Mr. P

It could be possible but it could just be random. You would have to try it out in different locations to do a comparative test. They are relatively new so I don't have experience of them. If a spirit can interact with a pendulum, a computer printer, a radio, turn lights on and off, switch water heaters, computers, tv's and ovens off at will then and leave messages on answerphones then why not. P.S. I have experienced all of the above.