Is it wrong to go ghost hunting and study demonology?


Dr. NG

Not at all, it can be both fun and educational. If you start lying about running into ghosts and demons to convince others there are such things, that's dead wrong.

Jeffrey K

No, its not wrong. The ghosts and demons don't mind, because they don't exist.


You time to waste.


It would be a waste of time since those things don't exist.


it's not wrong. It's just a waste of your time.


I take back what I said about ghost hunting and studying demonology being wrong. In reality, it’s totally acceptable to do. I actually enjoy doing it very much and it’s a part of me. However, always be careful when dealing with demons. That was my mistake and irrational mind. I never meant that.

Gary K

It's not wrong, but your time could be possibly better spent pursuing reality-based ideas?

Mr. P

No not wrong. I was in a local team and attended a larger team online and socially. I just felt the owner was only interested in video and evp and would not accept any other means of spirit communication I was getting that could later be verified, So I went my own way. You can study demonology but be aware it is a little one-sided and is only what the church thought at the time. Bit outdated and does not encompass the whole subject. Many beings are both good and bad - the Christian God included, so it just depends on your viewpoint. If you do go out looking, it is a good idea to be part of a team for self protection, don't break-in anywhere or trespass, keep notes and always do your research afterwards. Start by joining an online group that is already established to learn what to avoid and the legal and safety aspects first.

English Guy

Not at all. It is human nature to study what we don't understand. Look at NG for instance. It was a bit of a waste with him, to tell the truth. He used to go ghost hunting but was so poor at it, he may as well have been hunting great white sharks in the Sahara desert for all the results he got. Do what you are doing properly and unlike the denialists on here, be prepared to listen to those who have experience and may be able to help you.