Is zozo a real demon. any experiences?

i heard about this everywhere. and apparently its a really dangerous spirit you come across with from a ouija board. but is there actual proof of the spirit’s existence? because i think that the ouija board works only because of the ideomotor effect. is zozo real?


In the 1970's, before home video and subsequent tech, people saw films in cinemas, so they only saw them once unless they paid again or until eventually the film was on TV. This meant mistakes made by viewers often went uncorrected. 'Zozo' is an example. The 1974 horror film 'The Exorcist' featured a fictitious demon called 'Pazuzu', often misheard or misremembered as 'Zozo'. This formed the basis of jokes among teenagers on the theme of 'If you do X Zozo will come to get you'. This has grown into the current nonsense about this alleged Zozo.