Is my house haunted or invaded?

I'm home alone and I just heard the cracking noise that the floor made when you walk. It sounded extremely much like someone was walking in the other room except no footsteps.. Pls say there is a logical explanation? If now, WHAT DO I DO?

Dr. NG

Neither, your home is inhabited by a silly person. I admit to being silly myself, not about paranormal nonsense, but I do believe every season the NY Jets are going to the Super Bowl. What I don't do is come here every day like GAF, insulting Gay or Special Needs folks. I also won't be disguising profanity with punctuation and misspellings on a site open to 12 year old kids, while falsely accusing someone else of worse.


Temperature changes from day to night and even wind can cause the house to flex. Boards rub against each other, however they do not rub smoothly, friction keeps them from moving until the stresses build up and "Pop!" they let go and move just a little bit---and then the stresses build and POP again----and so on. Sounds like footsteps.

English Guy

This is probably just floorboards moving back to their preferred position after they were last stood on. It is more than likely just the general settling of the house. Crinkle up a crisp packet and you will hear lots of little crackles as it tries to resume its original shape. Once it stops moving and crackling, just wait and listen and you will still hear the odd movement and the odd crack maybe twenty minutes later. Same thing exactly. DR, NG calls you silly yet it is he who spends his time every day on the paranormal section???? I think we know who the silly person really is.


I saw pens moving my friend...Ghosts and demons exist