Do you have any information about telepathy?


Dr. NG

Yes, I do have information on telepathy. The available evidence indicates it does not exist.


<Do you have any information about telepathy? > Sure--no one can convincingly demonstrate that telepathy exists. The true believers might dredge up the Rhine-Duke studies done half a century ago, but those findings are invalid because they didn't use proper double-blind procedures. And they will also claim that the evil guv'mint hides all subsequent studies supporting telepathy, because that's easier on their egos than admitting that no one can produce a valid demonstration of it. . .

Gary K

Pseudoscientific nonsense. No convincing evidence it exists despite numerous experiments.


Yes But you need to remove your tin-foil hat before you can receive it!

Jeffrey K

Yes. It doesn't exist.

Good Bye

I will sent the answer to you telepathically.


Yes I do. I am thinking of that information right now. Are you receiving it?

Atheist Anthony

Yes. It's horseshit.






Apparently it functions via Quantum Entanglement, as it does not decrease in power over distance and travels instantly, regardless of distance, faster than light----facts noted by Rhine at Duke University. This is very similar to David Bohm's(Einstein's protégé) description of "The quantum potential field" a "higher reality" used to explain Quantum Entanglement.-------The Radio Receiver/Transmitter analogy of Telepathy is BOGUS as there are no such "Waves" involved---Signals can pass through Faraday cages.---its a process that happens at the quantum level.

Sandra K

Yes, it just isn't real. Nobody has ever offered convincing evidence that it exists.


Some is given in "Ethical ESP;" "Looking into the Invisible;" "The Path of the Higher Self."