I hear footsteps upstairs when no one’s there?

So my house has never felt haunted to me and everyone says it has a great vibe. Some nights I lay in bed at it’s late night when I hear two or three definite footsteps from the upstairs living room.(my whole upstairs is a living room). My house does creak a lot but these sound like very prominent stepping sounds.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Sorry about that. Can I borrow your slippers?


If you’re hearing footsteps upstairs, then there’s something creating those footstep sounds. Creaking stairs does not sound like footsteps it sounds like creaking stairs. So the real question is are you hearing creaking stairs or actual footsteps upstairs as the two don’t actually sound anything like

Raro Fidelis

Even if ghosts were real how would they make footstep sounds? You'd have to have footwear and weight for a step to make a noise, neither of which ghosts traditionally have..

Nine Lives

Yes. It happens worldwide without a reasonable explanation. Something weird is going on. A friend of mine experienced that, too and he is working in the scientific area.


The "footsteps" are sounds you hear when the house "Flexes"---due to changes in temperature or slightly in the wind. The boards slide past each other, but because of the friction, this motion is not smooth. They hang up a bit, as the stress builds up and then--POP! they slide a little bit, the stress builds a bit more, and POP again. etc. The series of pops sounds like "Footsteps".

Dr. D

There is a 99.9% chance that there is a natural explanation for the sounds you hear. Some things you need to consider before assuming its paranormal: 1. Have others reported hearing the footsteps? 2. What is the history of the house? Has anyone died there? 3. Look for other paranormal activity to support the footstep theory. 4. Try to get a recording the sounds. 5. Place motion cameras and sound equipment in the room to capture what's going on. You may consider contacting organizations in your area that do ghost hunting. If you have nothing else to support the paranormal theory, then just ignore it.


It's probably just me...

Obi Wan Knievel

Of course you hear footsteps when no one's there. All buildings do that, because they'd literally collapse if they didn't. I don't care what kind of house you live in or what it's made of, it's going to make footstep noises. It's also going to creak, groan, squeak and even boom once in a while. Your house was designed to do that. The technical name (well, one of them) for it is dynamic load distribution. Buildings have to support not only their own weight, but the weight of whatever is in them and whatever is pressing against them (like wind, rain, snow, atmospheric pressure, etc). They also expand and contract. Not only do they have to keep themselves standing, but they have to balance themselves evenly along their footings. Buildings that can't do that are the buildings that fall apart really quickly. A slight wind is more than enough to cause your house to creak for hours, and the creaks will actually 'walk' across floors and down walls as the weight is balanced out across the foundation. You hear it more at night because there's less background noise. In the daytime you've got people walking around, TVs blaring, dishwashers running, and all sorts of loud crap going on outside. If you can find an afternoon quiet enough when nobody else is home, stand in your house and listen. You'll hear those same noises, only they're not as scary when the sun is up.

Mr. P

Turn off your central heating for one day and see if there are still these noises. Then turn the heating on again and sit in that room. I guarantee you will hear knocks and footsteps. Come back again when objects are being thrown at you, or you actually see spirits there. Until then I wouldn't worry about it. You could always try recording for EVP's.