People don't believe me when I tell them I'm a little "psychic"?

Okay, so the thing is that I'm a little "psychic" (if you even can Call it that). Sometimes I think of Things right before people say those exact words. I can feel when people are around me, even when I close my eyes and have loud music in my ears and can't hear anything. Sometimes I even predict yhings, however those other things happen more often. No one believes me. Not even my best friend.


I'm a "late" psychic. I know what is going happen but only after they've occurred.


Psychic people get a lot of that. Not as much as they should but a lot.

Atheist Anthony

No shitt.


Then you simply have to prove it to them. Set up an experiment with loud music and a blindfold and have people randomly approach then you indicate when you sense them.


As no one in history has been psychic. It is safe to say, you are not psychic


I believe you. We are all a little psychic but if we have a little learning disability or health issues we tend to sharpen our senses to think ahead so as to not look slower or walk slower or whatever our disability may be. Kind of like the blind being able to hear better because they cannot see. We sharpen one sense as another weakens. The more you practice the better you will become and people will believe. One thing in mind--you can't look for it the experience has to come to you. That being said, always keep your channels open and awareness wide open. Think about your surroundings and conversations. You will see things coincide hence your sharper psyche skills.

Mr. P

It's up to you if you want to develop it. Most of us start out just realising that these things happen from time to time, but you need to practice to develop it which is frightening at times. Try joining a forum or two of other people who practice. You may be surprised at the conversations as some things are just "known" - as you get links to the people you talk to - over thousands of miles. Or you could learn Tarot or runes, or use the pendulum for divination. Some of these websites can lead to meeting other people with similar abilities and you could go on to working with spirit. You find that if you can detect the energies of people in the room without your eyes - the same is true for spirits. If you practice visualisation you will also find that you can see them too - as well as everything around you. You need to be a bit careful because if you tell all your friends of your newfound abilities they will expect miracles on a daily basis, so it is important to keep quiet about it, and only talk to people similar to you until you are confident. This is where online forums help, and will have things to practice with. Some forums have development groups or you can talk to registered mediums. Just don't give any money to learn - apart from good books on the subject by recognised authors.