Door knobs turning. Is it ghost?

I have experience some weird things in my house. One of them, I hear door knobs turning hard. What could it be? It happens often to me and daugther and husband. Any opinions or comments please.


its your uncle

Mr. P

First see if it is the knob turning or just the noise. If it is just the noise it may be a residual haunting event and it is just the noise that is recorded. If it is actually the door knob moving then you have a poltergeist but it is unusual to just be one event with a poltergeist - they usually do much more.


I had this happen to me too so I coated all the door knobs with butter so that when the ghost tried to turn it his hand slipped off. Problem solved.

Raro Fidelis

Yeah sure, that's what the deceased do, they spend all eternity twiddling with your knob. Or course it is not a ghost, you are probably mistaking it for some other noise or maybe your kid is doing it for a joke.


Temperature changes in a house cause expansion and contraction, which often creates noises. I doubt your noises are doorknobs but other parts of the house experiencing expansion and contraction.

English Guy

If you had a haunting, then an entity would not just fiddle with a doorknob. The mechanism may not be working properly and fully moves back in place a little while after using the door. Oil your doorknobs.

Gary K

It must be a pretty lame ghost if has to open doors, and can't even do that.