Do you believe in the paranormal?

What are some of your paranormal stories??


Of course not - I'm not a complete idiot.

Mr. P

Just do a search on here for Ghost stories and it should give you a few. Yes I do believe in them, seen them, talked to a few, had numerous things happen to stuff, and stayed in a very active farmhouse for a week. (unintentionally) Most of it is quite sad, involves death and some are rather unpleasant. The more recent ones are easier to research than the older ones, although sometimes there is archaeological evidence to reference it against. I've seen people and children from the bronze age, soldiers from 1308, a hanging in 1400, a gaoler from 1600, kids in prison in and slaves in a warehouse in 1700, girls shoes in a school and a girl drowning in 1800, a dentist at work, a girl's funeral in 1850, a worker getting crushed and a car crash in 1980, as well as active spirits that just seem to be hanging about so are unsure of their time frame. Dates are approximate as I can't remember them all. I keep seeing stuff from the past but is hardly worth bothering with as they are just residual. Such as a woman selling fish in a tunnel around 1700. Did a woman really sell fish in that tunnel? -very likely as it leads to an old market, but hardly worth researching or recording it, and most likely won't be recorded anywhere anyway. This is why I only research the ones that are likely to have something recorded about it -i.e. deaths.

English Guy

Of course I believe in the paranormal, only a retard would ignore the millions of reports annually and abundant evidence presented in Youtube videos. I have had many paranormal experiences, one that comes to mind is the occasion where I broke my son's Xbox over his head and threw him down the stairs. Now there is nothing very paranormal about that, but that night my stepdad old George appeared to me as I slept and said "Micky, your Mum is rolling her grave the way that you treat those kids." I was a bit kind of doubtful but then he said "Your mum wants me to give you something." And that ghostly figure gave me clip around the ear that had my head spinning! I knew for a fact right then that the message from beyond the grave was without a doubt from my own dear departed mother!

Gary K

If it requires belief, I don't believe in it. Neither should you.

English Guy

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