My bedroom door keeps closing on its own?

I was pretty spooked when this happened last week. I woke up and looked toward the door to see if close on its own. I was alittle spooked but I don’t believe in ghosts or at least the kind of stuff ghost hunters look for most can all be explained by air currents or something. Last night I woke up again and the air was off and I looked up to the damn door closing on its own again. I was freaked out again but tried to get my phone out to record but I couldn’t find it in the dark fast enough. Wtf are you supposed to do when you see this stuff at night? I feel crazy but my first thought was if I acknowledge it it might be pissed and then I laid there feeling alittle silly that I had jumped to ghost again...

English Guy

The door opens on its own? It is not a paranormal expert you need, it's a joiner. a door has a very large surface area. That means it will move even though you don't even feel a draught. Just the slightest air movement will do it if it is hung correctly.


Put a heavy object on the floor so it can’t close on it’s own.

Robert De Angelis-Italy-United States

If you do not believe in ghosts, because you by so many concerns? Put a regulator of port in your room, and you will see that the'ti automatism close plan the door, both during opening and closing! However, the spirits exist!


I’ve heard that some ghosts repeat themselves over and over again like a tape recording. If you’re door closes randomly then hey it’s just a breeze but if it closes the same time every night, creepy especially if you hear footsteps or feel your being watched

Gary K

People are have a natural tendency to be superstitious, so I wouldn't worry too much about feeling silly. The good thing is you don't believe in ghosts etc. There are air currents in houses regardless if the aircon is off or on, and houses move and settle over time. Doors that aren't hung well are prone to move. In any case, ghosts are supposed to be able to pass straight through solid objects like doors, aren't they? So how could they close a door anyway? And why?

Obi Wan Knievel

Give the 10 points to Gary K, he nailed it. Also the door's balance / alignment might be a little off. I used to do door frames for a living, and it's as much an art as it is a science, though it requires very little training. Exterior doors are harder, because they're heavy and insulated, but interior doors are all about the balance. Let's talk about interior doors for a bit, because understanding how things work might help you get un-spooked a little. Walk up to any interior door in your house, and press lightly on it with one finger. If it moves with almost no effort at all, that's a properly balanced door. Now look at how big and flat it is, and you'll see how easy it is for airflow to move it. A breeze you can barely feel on your skin is more than enough to slam it shut or blow it open if it's not closed all the way. And yes, air does flow through your house even when the HVAC system isn't running. That's part of the design. And that's just air currents we talked about. If the frame or hinges are this much (picture the width of a pube) out of alignment, it will cause a warp. When that happens, gravity will constantly pull the door open or closed. The only way to fix that is to remove it, re align the frame and re-install the hinges. Or, since it's a very minor problem, most people just leave it alone. Ever wondered why ghosts in movies like to play with doors, and why they usually only do it for the first 20 minutes of the story? It's because that stuff happens naturally in every house. People see that stuff on the screen and think "holy crap-zombies, that's happened to me" and now they're really paying attention to the story.


The door was hung askew. Its own off-balance weight gives it the tendency to close.