Why won’t ghost leave me alone?

This might be long I will tell a few stories just today I was watching my nephew for a little while I heard a cough and seen dark shadow person walking by I ignored it. A few days ago I was taking a shower someone was moving the shower curtain again I ignored it. Another time my nephews juice was on the table and it slided across by itself he even seen it we both ignored it and just looked at the tv. There are so many stories where it just haunts me I have been reading the Bible that’s when it got worse it seems like that way I have tried contacting the ghost but it won’t speak to me I usually try when I’m home alone it always wants me in the living room so I go in there to try contacting it like I heard it a few times but it wouldn’t speak.

Dr W

<sigh>. I don't believe your story. Nor are ghosts real. Think about it.. There have been about 125 billion humans that have lived and died on this planet since the first human stomped around half a million years ago or so. Now let's make the ridiculous assumption that only those who die horrible deaths turn into ghosts. If you think about how people die (natural, accidents, homicides, suicides) and how they've died over time (murder, wars, plagues, rape and pillaging, natural disasters, cancer, etc) it pretty easy to agree that at least 10% of those people died horrible deaths. And if we say 10% of those who die horrible deaths turn into ghosts.. then there would be 1.25 billion ghosts floating around our planet right now. There are 7 billion people currently alive with an average household size of 5 putting 1 ghost in just about every house and 1 in every apartment on the planet. And if we don't make the arrogant assumption that only humans have souls that turn into ghosts, that other animals can too, then you might argue that all of the 300 million cows slaughtered each year and all of the 1.2 billion pigs slaughtered each year and all of the 46 billion chickens and all the rest of the horses, sheep, dogs, cats, etc slaughtered each year turn into ghosts too... well you can see where I'm going right? There would be so many "ghosts" that we would literally be swimming in them. Every breath you take, you would inhale a ghost or two. Ghosts would fill our entire world. More ghosts than living people. So... where are all those ghosts? Why is it that only a hand full of people say "I saw a ghost" and never manage to get a picture of one? Could it be that they are lying to you to get your attention or your money?


<Why won’t ghost leave me alone?> It sounds to me like you're getting a kick out of the idea. There seem to be two things following you around, your 'ghost', and your superstitious imagination. You want to have a 'paranormal encounter' all of your own, so you're letting your imagination gin one up for you, subconsciously or not. When you become hypervigilant and start looking around for 'signs' of 'ghosts', you're sure to see some banal thing you can make fit. . But if you had really thought there was someone or some thing on the other side of that shower curtain, I can't help thinking you wouldn't have just ignored it. You're letting your imagination run away with you. . .

English Guy

It always wants you in the living room? When it doesn't communicate with you, you still know where it wants you? I think that sounds like your own mind is deciding, not the ghost. When you saw a shadow, did you check for other explanations? Could it not have been caused by a passing car? As for the juice moving, that can be caused by air trapped under the container, especially if it is concaved and the table was wet. You also say "another time" Are you not just connecting things that are not connected?


You have a communication problem. Your ghost would like to speak to you, but for many ghosts, spectral verbalization is difficult or impossible. Fortunately, a device has been around since the 1890s that can break any spooks silence. No home with a resident revenant should be without a Genuine Hasbro Ouija Board. Head to the nearest toy store and pick one up. It is the right thing to do.

Christian in Jesus

Pray, first giving honor to our Father who is in heaven and holy and sanctified and worthy of our praise. The giving authority to his son Jesus Christ who will fight the frightful stranger and lead it towards the path of righteousness. When Jesus comes when you call on him hold your head down and leave the room because it is going to be very loud. Jesus will come whenever you call him. Don't think that your situation is so strange. Jesus will understand and make it safe for you, just remain humble. God is on your side

CF: James 4

James 4:7-8 Subject yourselves to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you. Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.