Wouldn’t it be really dumb to dismiss all UFO phenomenon on account of swamp gas or weather balloons?

What about all supernatural beings as nothing more than drugged out hallucinations or those brought on by trauma

Robert De Angelis-Italy-United States

Aliens and Ufos, do not exist, since here, we d'agreement! As spiritual beings exist the demons, tries to remove those hallucinations of blind you have! And it leaves space, who saw these entities!!

Dr. NG

Yes, that would be very dumb and close-minded. The only thing dumber would be promoting them as Aliens from Outer Space, visitors from another dimension, time travelers or any of the other explanations I've heard.

Sandra K

It's really dumb to claim all UFOs are ET spaceships. Interstellar travel is impossible.


I watched a documentary once where a guy put a hat on that looked like a classic flashing UFO and walked across the moors at night about half a mile from a side road.The camera crew who were filming him saw a car stop for around 30 seconds, obviously watching this guys cruddy flashing hat because it was far too dark to see him, then it screeched and sped off! The horrible prankster. That was about 20 years ago I wonder if those people who were in that car still think they saw a UFO? In a way I suppose they did


You've been watching too much tv lately....

Gary K

Yes it would be dumb. But who actually does that? Who actually "dismisses ALL UFO phenomenon as swamp gas or weather balloons"? When investigating elleged sightings of alien space craft, you must start with the null hypotheses - that the sighting is a misinterpretation of some natural event. This is because the probability of space craft travelling vast interstellar distances to pop into our atmosphere (undetected by the multitude of scientific instruments monitoring our skies) then disappear is extremely low, if even just because the laws of physics as we know them. It's easy for us to misinterpret things we see in the sky. There are many factors at play - atmospheric conditions, points of reference, etc, etc. We know how our eyes can play tricks on us. The probability that the unidentified object in the sky is not interstellar craft is high. If something is unexplained, it remains unexplained. Unexplained does not = space aliens, no matter how popular they may be in our culture.


The simple fact is that some UFO's are military research aircraft. In the sixties the Booton area reported several events in which a laminated disk hovered and then would shoot off in one direction or another. The official story at the time was that it was swamp gas. The military stated it had no "scheduled operations in the area". The reality was that the military was testing a helicopter with "night luminary devices" on it that was later deployed in Vietnam. It was not a scheduled operation because it was top secret! Also several experimental aircraft were captured at the end of the war. One such air craft was made by BMW and was a flying disk. The Germans only got it to fly short distances. How much the US experimented with the flying saucer is not declassified. Most of the UFO events are more then likely experimental aircraft being tested by the military. Case in point- the crash of a USN stealth helicopter in WV a few years back. As far as space aliens- it is possible but unlikely.


When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. In other words, entia non sunt multiplicanda.

Josephette Maria

UFOs are not swamp gas. Swamp gas is in low boggy places and UFOs are flying through the air.


It would demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to think and it would not be logical to just shoot it down in all cases when the data is inconvenient and incompatible with the scientific method, in other words, stupidity and lack of intellect.

English Guy

Denialists have no idea of probability. Often, their excuse for a paranormal event is a thousand times less probable than the actual event itself. It was suggested by one denialist that all paranormal reports could be due to South Korean scientists hiding under our homes and playing with antigravity devices??? I would think there is more chance of a ghost. I also believe that there is more chance of a ufo in our skies than it just being a trick caused by the light reflecting from Venus. EDIT! It seems to annoy the same denialists when their stupidity is pointed out to them.