Are we in a deep freeze because earth is passing through the coldest section of the solar system?



Earth's orbit has not changed--we were nearest the Sun January 3 as usual, still closer than average. The coldest part of the Solar system is well beyond Pluto Your little region is chilly due to warming having left the arctic coast of Siberia bare water, shifting the polar vortex over part of North America


No, Australia has hit 40 C recently.


Earth is not in a deep freeze. Eastern US is not the whole world. Australia is experiencing heat waves. The coldest part of the Solar system is out past Pluto. Earth was at its closest point to the Sun just a few days ago.


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Of course not. There are, presently, on Earth, regions that are experiencing the hottest weather they have ever felt. The universe definitely does NOT revolve around America. Even God has given up on America.

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No It is just Weather

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Tell the folks "down under" that!


Nope. It's routine northern hemisphere winter. In this case, the jet stream has shifted far to the south, allowing the arctic cold mass to come down the central Canadian plains, and into the US midwest region. Forthere Coriolis effect slowly moves the cold air eastward.

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Globol warming not an ice age.


No, lol. It's a cold frontier.


No. Right now your area of Earth is in a deep freeze. Two or three days from now you probably will be complaining how warm it is where you are. Right now where I am is NOT in a deep freeze in central Oklahoma.


No, it is called "winter".


Probably not....but you should send that one in to Trump’s speech writer. They might throw you a Big Mac coupon if you’re lucky




At what time scale do you mean? And the answer is still no.

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There is no section that is "colder" or "warmer" but there is something called orbital eccentricity that makes us be closer to or farther from the sun. Further, there is an axial angle that causes one hemisphere or the other to get more sunlight at a particular time of year.


Then how come they are having temperatures as high as 115 degrees in Australia?


Yes. The earth is currently in the coldest part of the solar system.


nope, wall that kept cold ay NP broke or slid south