Did nasa had back up plan if hubble telescope launch had failed?

with this i mean if rocket had exploted and destroyed hubble telescope.. dod nasa had 2th plan if it had happen? how different would be today sicence,if hubble had been destroyed in failed launch? what scientific discoverys we had missed?


It did not have a backup plan. Pretty much everything NASA sends into space is one of a kind. The next super-advanced space telescope that's currently being built is the James Webb Space Telescope. It's set to launch in 2021. If that rocket were to explode then billions of dollars and over a decade of work would just be up in flames. The Hubble has given us SO many insights into the larger universe and observed things we didn't even know we should be looking for. If it had failed to launch it would have set astronomy back decades.


nope. that would have been the end of the Hubble mission.

Ronald 7

If there was a back up, I have never heard about it There was a problem with a door that didn't close and a mirror was out of Focus A Shuttle Mission was sent up, they replaced the door and installed a corrective lens News paper headline said Hubble gets its Glasses A successfull mission ensued


Of course not. It cost enough to build one - why would it build two "just in case"?

Chris Ancor

It did not fail.


NASA would have lived without it. Space telescopes aren't necessarily better than more elaborate land based telescopes. Plus I remember NASA not wanting to risk the lives of astronauts to repair the Hubble telescope.