Is life on earth going to end in 2019 due to astroid or any thing to do with outer space?


Ronald 7

The only danger to man is himself




No. No comet or asteroid will cause a problem, but it's election year and many Earth problems need to be looked into.

Donut Tim

No, it isn't. Sorry. The end of the world occurred three times in 2012 and once in 2013. If you missed them, don't worry. It is predicted to occur again in 2020 and in 2021.


sqwawk about global warming demmies obama coulda cut a check earmarking a billion to nasa for R & D on rockets or other means to deflect an incoming rock a mile wide a bigun ,unlike the pebble that almost hit chelyabinsk,breaking glass & a few injuries anyway. they are rare,far away but when one comes zipping along at 30kmph,a city or an earthkillercould result,,then lamestream yahoo press will congratulate obama for being so near sighted.


We can always hope.




There's a conspiracy theory that earth ended back in 2012, but that's just bullshit to me

Rick B



The moon has been splitted to two and got back to one piece, google it ,you'll find the news, the one who kept this world together would keep it in 2019 too.

Tom S

Highly unlikely.


Nah. I got plans in 2020, way.


If you count Earth launched ballistic missiles -- then it's possible.


The only thing that will destroy the Earth is Nibiru, but we need not be concerned until 2021.


That doesn't specifically have to happen in 2019. It could happen anytime as long as it is a big enough asteroid, if it manages to come in the exact direction as the planet, and if it's path isn't changed


Very unlikely. Life has existed on Earth for 4 billion years and nothing has wiped it out. Something that might be catastrophic like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs? The odds of that happening are 1 in 100 million.


Whoever told you that would put their talents to far greater use with the stock market - World Series, Superbowl. Others.




No, it already ended in 2018, didn't you hear about it?




No, life on Earth likely has svral Ik years left bfore it goes extinct Humanity has bn around I/4M years so far ya know.


Only Jah see and know.

I Wink I Think I Stink

Not likely.

Jeffrey K

No. Not due to anything from space.


For the million time - no.


NO. Asteroids are being tracked. Look at the Chart.


Seriously, if the world were going to end a year from now, do you really think you'd have to come to some backwater Internet site to ask about it? Don't you imagine it's all everyone would be talking about everywhere? . .


No. Go to the spaceweather com page and look at the near earth objects list for about 20 days. Stop being brainwashed by The Guardian and The Express that post sensationalized click obait to brainwash you into being a gullible ignorant lemming. They are making a profit on your ignorance.


"Asteroid" impacts happen all the time. Only really big ones (more than a couple miles across) could end life on Earth. A medium one a few hundred yards across might make a local mess. But we think we know where 90% of those are and are no threat. So we believe. More unpredictable is a comet from deep space. Center of one might be quite hard and large--miles in size. Known comets are not dangerous, but we have no idea about threats from unknown ones. And from time of discovery until a real threat might be less than a year. And there are complete surprises. 'Oumuamua came from somewhere very far away, very fast, and was not seen until it was well past us and on the way out of solar system. Could have been interesting if it was a lot closer.

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