Why is it that when space agencies send anything to the moon, its never captured through a telescope on earth?

Is it because their lying maybe? Or what other reason could it be? Could it be that the moon is actually batmans light left on without the bat symbol?


Because the Moon is 250,000 miles away, and there is no telescope powerful enough to find an object a few feet wide on such a vast place.


Moon is too far away and the objects are too small and the telescopes can see something that small. Not even hubble.


You need to watch the Soviet launch videos of the American astronauts while the Soviets are still providing ferry service to the ISS. Telescopes an earth have their schedules planned years in advance. Amateur telescopes do not. Join an astronomy club. WHY would that lie. When you lie, you destroy your own credibility. Look at what is happening to Trump.

Pearl L

probably cause its too far away


telescopes have a limit to what they can resolve. A manmade object at the Moon's distance is not within the capabilities of any telescope


Because the moon is a light put there by God through Jesus on the 4th day of Creation on the flat earth, remember.