Is an asteroid predicted to collide/flyby earth today on february 1st, 2019?


Tom S



No. What does say.? How mane lunar distances is this asteroid going to go by us. WHY do you insist on living your life Ina state of fear because of your willful ignorance?

Ronald 7

It is on 31st January and at 18 times the distance to the Moon actually They are well tracked these days A big one and we really would know The Chixulub Impact was from an object the size of Los Angeles


Another idiot troll asking a totally stupid question. If you had a brain you would know that firstly, the world would know that it was coming and secondly, it would be so close the whole world would be able to see it.




A 40 meter asteroid at ten times the distance to the Moon, yes. No, today on the 31st. A 20 meter at 18 times the distance to the Moon on the 1st of February. I was confused. Why would you ask about the smaller, farther one and not the bigger, closer one?


you can easily check predicted asteroid approaches at


I think it had zero chance of colliding with the earth. Good leads to good and bad leads to bad.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Yes, just like the one that collided with us yesterday. We're all doomed.


Idk either way the disco ball spins baby ,every nights nye I'm the disco man