Do people actually think NASA is fake?

i recently went to NASAs instagram page and so so many of the comments were people talking about how the whole thing is fake (you know: the flat-earthers/fake moon landing/etc). people are so dumb and the funny thing is no one could explain why they believe it’s fake besides using “fisheye lenses” and other stupid stuff. i mean the facts overrule beliefs i can’t believe so many people are this ignorant

Ronald 7

You are right Compadre Some people are just so plain freaking Ignorant


Yes, many people do think NASA is fake. They are not old enough or do not have good enough memories to remember watching Eisenhower on live TV signing the bill that that made a Congressional advisory committee into a federal agency. Whether they really are as ignorant as they claim to be no one knows. Some of them probably are that ignorant. Almost all of them are paranoid. Some O f them are delusional.


Lots of brain damage out there. Might be those giant flat screen HDTVs.


People CAN be that ignorant. They believe all kinds of things. Just look at how many believe in some kind of god.


Many people like being trolls and contrarians, those views have been increasing since the 1960's and its ideal of question all authority.


As I've had explained to me at some length by one Flat Earther, they don't doubt that NASA is "real" nor do they doubt that they do launch the occasional "toy" rocket to please the sheep. However they do think NASA employees are not actually scientists and engineers (that's just their cover briefing), they believe that NASA employees are artists, actors, animators, and marketers - Tens of thousands of them. NASA for them is Earth's biggest troll farm and state of the art animation studio that pumps out propaganda on an industrial scale. That they don't have the slightest shred of evidence that this version of NASA is true, doesn't seem to matter to them. Silly people really.


Yeah, there are a lot of people out there who think it's all fake. I wonder what they think NASA does with all the money that they get.


govmnt in general is less trusted & popular than late night half hour infomercials for hamburger cookers all are suspect as to fielty to the stated mission at hand their honesty is under question by many out here

Jeffrey K

Some people don't let facts get in the way of their beliefs. You can't use logic with an illogical person.


Some of them are just playing along with the meme. Others are too stupid to realize that they are stupid.


What is dumb is this very question. Of course the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) an independent US governmental agency is not fake. It is a very real organisation. It employs over 17,000 people.

scott p

No, Ignorance.


No, not really. They just like to draw attention to themselves. If you said the Sun was going to rise tomorrow Morning they would argue with you.


I think it is a fairly even split between trolls who know NASA is real, cretins who think it is fake and people who don't even think about it enough to have an opinion but who take it on board as part of package deal with some other social group, ie right-wing conspiracy theorists or Christians.


I think it's about adopting bizarre beliefs in order to link themselves to other people and make themselves feel superior without having to think too hard.


...yet the same doofi actually believe that the Government stashed a wrecked UFO in Area 51.


To a lot of these people it's a game or are repeating the current meme without realising how they appear to others.


This question needs to be considered objectively. NASA is real. You can actually visit there and see it for yourself. Just because they tell lies does not make the whole organisation fake.


They must have Master Craftsmen and brave astronauts in their departments. I enjoy the programs they put on the website. In a way, it's like being in space with them in the ISS or travelling through the solar system into outer space in their crafts.


Because "NASA" lied to us about Pluto being a planet.