Is the hole in the ozone later healing due to the cfc ban?



no, its due to Multi Dimensional Autism

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Well it has helped We are slowly coming around to the problems we are causing to Mother Earth If only we could put as much energy into stopping wars


It WAS, but not anymore. The Arctic ozone hole isn't permanent. The Antarctic ozone hole is long lasting, for decades. The Clean Air Act was only for the United States. It worked, but that does not mean it worked everywhere.

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Yes. A 2005 IPCC review of ozone observations and model calculations concluded that the global amount of ozone has now approximately stabilized. Although considerable variability is expected from year to year, including in polar regions where depletion is largest, the ozone layer is expected to begin to recover in coming decades due to declining ozone-depleting substance concentrations, assuming full compliance with the Montreal Protocol. The Antarctic ozone hole is expected to continue for decades. Ozone concentrations in the lower stratosphere over Antarctica will increase by 5–10 percent by 2020 and return to pre-1980 levels by about 2060–2075. This is 10–25 years later than predicted in earlier assessments, because of revised estimates of atmospheric concentrations of ozone-depleting substances, including a larger predicted future usage in developing countries. Another factor that may prolong ozone depletion is the drawdown of nitrogen oxides from above the stratosphere due to changing wind patterns. A gradual trend toward "healing" was reported in 2016.

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It was slowly "healing" but there has been a small increase in CFC emissions from the factories in China making "bootleg" Freon.

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"Slowly" is the main word connected with the healing of the hole in the ozone layer.


EPA says it is still there and it will take decades to heal, maybe into the middle of this century. It actually got larger last year due to colder temperatures.


No .the world is slowly becoming to extreme for humans as it did for living creatures before their extinction .


I think so. What ever exists decays all the time. May that happen.


Its NOTHING "puny" Mankind has done---the hole was likely always there, varying in size over the years.