How long did take to go to the moon?



3 days.

Jeffrey K

You could say it took 4 billion years, from the time life first appeared on earth until the first living being got to the moon.

Ronald 7

4 Days from Launch to Landing It wasn't boring, they saw a few UFO'S on the way Apollo 13 showed that there was enough power left in the Lunar Module to Burn for home They were basically in freefall


The astronauts took about 3 1/2 days, because they were on a 'free return' trajectory; if the engine failed at the moon, their course & speed would loop them back toward the Earth.


It took 3 days from launch to landing.


If you check the launch date, it was July 16. If you check the landing, it was July 20. You can also check the exact times of each


What do you consider the starting point? Apollo 11: Range zero to LMP on surface; 4d 13h 43m 16s TLI to LOI; 3d 01h 05m 35s




It took three days for the Apollo ;missions to go from Earth to the Moon. And 3 days back. However, When the New Horizon craft was launched on its way to Pluto it took 9 hours for it to reach the Moon's orbit. Since it did not need to stop it was a high energy launch and thusly it swept by the Moon very quickly