How should we greet the new neighbors?

I hear the Milky Way galaxy has a new neighbor. How do we make them feel welcome?


They have been a new neighbor for quite some time. Just wait until the Milky Way rips it apart and consumes it.

Barry A

Send them a cassarole


Go round with a cup of Hannys Voorwerp.

Jeffrey K

Build a wall around the galaxy to keep them out.


Which new neighbors are those...? We've been aware of our 'local group' of galaxies for decades.


Yes, you hear a lot of things. Just because you do doesn't make it true.


What are the names of the new neighbours? It can't be the Magellanic Clouds as they have been neighbours for millennia. The Dwarf Canis Maioris Galaxy is currently being cannibalised by the Milky Way. Astronomers have known for quite some time that stars are streaming from the Dwarf Sagittarius Galaxy.


their not welcomed tell them to go back to their gotdam country