Is it ok to believe in extraterrestrials life but not nessarly UFO visitation?

I believe life exist on the planets and it's possible they are visiting it's being covered up can't prove it but have good felling but of course it's implausible. Is it implausible aliens are visiting or impossible.


The correct belief about extraterrestrial life is "I don't know". There are many known unknowns, and this is one. It's important not to have beliefs about unknowns.


If by "ok", you mean "is this thinking consistent with itself"?, then yes, it is ok. It is quite possible that there is life elsewhere yet life from elsewhere has not come here from there (yet, or maybe it never will). The existence of life elsewhere does not impose alien visitations to Earth as a consequence.


Life on other planets is possible. We have no proof it exists; we have no proof it cannot exist. The real problem is not whether life exists (it probably does... somewhere) but how far is our closest neighbour. Distances are... err... astronomical. If they visited us, it would be impossible to cover up. There are millions of amateur astronomers, tens of thousands professional astronomers, all that spread out over nearly 190 countries and on all continents (yes, there are observatories in Antarctica). There is not a single organization that has the power to order them to cover up anything. A "UFO" is simply an Unidentified Flying Object. In many cases, what the person reports is not even a "flying object" (for example, low apparitions of the planet Venus, or very strange looking lenticular clouds). There is no evidence (so far) that UFOs are spacecraft, and even less that they carry beings from elsewhere than Earth. Considering the large distances (astronomical, right?), it would not make sense for a visitor to zoom by without making itself known. What would be the purpose of travelling for thousands of years and then hide? It's not as if they would be scared of us (we "humans" cannot yet travel to Mars)


yes It's quite probable that there's life somewhere out there, but quite unlikely they'd be technologically advanced AND stupid enough to visit us and risk getting infected with our germs


Life needs energy to survive, but that energy could be in the form of friction from tidal forces (hence, a moon of Saturn, though far from the sun, is hot enough to have liquid geysers). The nearest stars (hence source of star light to warm planets) are in the Alpha Centauri system (binary stars Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B) and Proxima Centauri (which might be passing through their star system not gravitationally attached to it, or might be on a highly elliptical orbit about their common center of mass attached to the star system). All three are about 4.3 light years from earth. That means that light (traveling at the speed of light) would take 4.3 years to reach earth. Would an alien spend all that time, all that fuel, and go that fast to get to earth? All those pink people look yummy, so he goes that far for a snack?///////////SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence--which found no definitive life) searched for radio waves from intelligent life. What if radio was a crude form of communication and they only used FIOS? If aliens heard earth radio signals (saw Star Trek phasors destroy planets, death stars, beaming technology) would they dare let their presence known or would they maintain radio silence from the earthlings with violent murders on every TV channel? An earth sized planet does exist in the Centauri system.///////What are the odds of finding a planet with water in all three phases (like earth....liquid, solid, and vapor)? I believe that planets were formed from rings around the sun (like Saturn's rings), and matter accreted because certain elements froze (forming chunks which were the seeds of larger chunks). Thus, earth, the water planet, was formed because at its distance from the sun, water froze and caused the ring's dust to accrete into a planet. Neptune might be the methane planet where methane froze. Thus, finding a water planet might be a lot easier than astronomers think....virtually all stars would have such a planet./////////Though life could exist if made of something other than water, water-based life is certainly possible (since we are water-based and do exist)./////////////Most astronomers are convinced that life must exist somewhere in the vast distances of space because the creation of amino acids (crucial to the creation of life like ours) is commonplace (a lightning zap into a pond of chemicals could start the process). That life might use natural selection to become intelligent enough to travel in space./////////////I don't think that UFO visitations occurred or they would have let their presence be known by now. ( alien told me that he didn't exist). If an alien did exist, Trump would deport him to Mexico despite his protestations that he doesn't belong search major cities of Mexico to find aliens.


Yes. UFO's (most of them) are man made right here on Earth and most of them are Military. The rest are acts of nature.

MARK: You are conflating three different things

You are conflating three different things: (1) the existence of extra-terrestrial life; (2) UFOs; and, (3) extra-terrestrials visiting Earth. It is highly probable that Earth is not the only planet in the universe with life on it. Life happened here so why not elsewhere. However, we need to be aware of the age and size of the universe. There may be planets that had life on them which has gone extinct, may be because the star it orbited is ‘dead’. Even if planets have intelligent life on them they could be so far away from Earth that we will never discover them and they never discover us. The abbreviation UFO stands for unidentified flying object. It is not mean a craft carrying aliens from another planet. You may see a weather balloon but not know what you are seeing. It is an object (a weather balloon), in the atmosphere (flying) which you cannot identify (unidentified). They are simply man-made objects (weather balloon, low orbit satellite, aeroplane, etc.) or natural objects (birds, bats, swarm of insects, etc.) that you see and cannot identify. The chances we have been visited by extra-terrestrials is almost certainly zero. Not only would they need to have technology more advanced than we can imagine let alone build to travel the distances required and to go back (presumably they would like to go home) and to provide their life-support needs. You also need to factor in the tremendous dangers of travelling in space. Now, if there was a planet with life on it whose intelligence was so advanced compared with ours and technology advanced enough to travel here one has to ask why they make such stupid errors when they get here. If they come in peace ask yourself why they do not make contact with the UN or major world powers. Instead if reports are true all they do is crash land in deserts, abduct people of low IQ or come all that way just to annoy farmers by making geometric patterns in their crops. If they come to conquer they are clearly inept. It is quite reasonable to think there will be some form of life on other planets. It is also reasonable to expect there to be multi-cellular life on other planets. It is even reasonable to think there may be life on other planets that we would recognise as intelligent if we ever encountered it. However, it is only sensible to think that the probability Earth has been visited by a lifeform from another planet is almost zero. And, remember that UFO is simply an abbreviation for a term that refers to objects it is normal to see in the atmosphere that you cannot identify.


Aliens are almost certainly visiting somewhere. It is implausible that Earth is one of those places.


Millions upon millions of other planets out there, hard to believe that earth is the only one that life developed on.