Why is the earth at the center of the universe?



The Earth isn't - I am. And, so are you. There really *isn't* a center to the universe... or, another way to look at it, is *everywhere* is the center. So - whatever you choose to be the center - you're not wrong. (But, you're not exactly right, either...)


The earth is not the center of the universe. Where I'm standing is the center of the universe and its me.


a false notion abandoned by scientists four centuries ago. Earth is the center of nothing but human egocentrism. There is no true center


Wherever you stand it's the centre,

Tom S

Because everywhere is the center of the universe.


Because Earth is a thing and everything is at the center of the Universe.

Ronald 7

It isn't I am at the Centre of the Universe


Earth is the center of the universe to people because of our vanity. It is not really the center of anything. It is like saying one particular grain of sand is in the center of all the beaches in the world. How could we tell?

Gray Bold

Perception. Two observations supported the idea that Earth was the center of the Universe. First, from anywhere on Earth, the Sun appears to revolve around Earth once per day. While the Moon and the planets have their own motions, they also appear to revolve around Earth about once per day. The stars appeared to be fixed on a celestial sphere rotating once each day about an axis through the geographic poles of Earth. Second, Earth seems to be unmoving from the perspective of an earthbound observer; it feels solid, stable, and stationary.


It is not

Bill G

It isn't.


It is NOT.


Is it? I thought that Uranus was at the center of the Universe.


its not


There is no center of the universe, so your question assumes something that is not true, and then asks why it is true. The question is similar to the question: Why is Belgium the center of the Earth's surface? This question assumes that Belgium is the center of the Earth's surface, and then goes on to ask why Belgium is the center of the Earth's surface. There is a similarity between the geometry of the universe and the geometry of the surface of a sphere. They are both manifolds. When you're in a manifold, your surroundings appear to have a local dimensionality. In the example of a surface of a sphere, if you stand on a very large sphere, like the Earth, it seems as if you're on a two dimensional surface, and it even seems like you are at the center of it! If you move around on the surface, everywhere you go, it looks like you are at the center, and if you move for a long time, you will also find that there is no edge of the surface. You can move in any direction and never find any edge. It seems endless. From your experience, you can reason that there is not only no edge, but no center of the surface either. This is the situation of a two-dimensional manifold. Locally, it is like it's only a 2-dimensional situation, but actually (non-locally) it has more than 2 dimensions. The universe is a 3-dimensional manifold. It seems 3-dimensional to you. Also, you will find if you move around in the universe, you will find no edge, and realize that there is no center. This is because the universe actually has more than 3 spatial dimensions (time doesn't count because it is not a spacial dimension).


Because space has the peculiar property of every point in it being at the centre.


its not


Says who?

Johnny Uzumaki

Ask god


Because the Universe has No Center! This of course means the Earth is Nowhere and you not only don't exist but you didn't post that question.

pH of 7

everyplace IS the center of the universe.


better go back to your 7th grade science class


In one sense, Earth is the center of the universe (allowing for orbital variation). Earth is the center of the VISIBLE universe. Light has been traveling this way from every direction for about 13.8 billion years. If you reverse that viewpoint, we are at the center of a sphere with a radius of 13.8 billion light years representing the limits of all that we can see. And yes, we are at the center of that sphere. We do not know the actual limits of the universe so cannot be sure that we are the center of the physical universe. All we know is that we are at the center of the virtual sphere described by that 13.8 billion light year radius. Or stated another way, we are at the center of all that we can see. This is NOT to be taken as agreement that the Earth actually IS the center of the universe in the "origin of the big bang" sense of that term.


We can only look & hear out so far with the instuments on earth. So yes that does place those at center. Of the known universe to us. But it expands beyond what we know. So we may be proved wrong at a future date on this.


The Earth is NOT at the center of the Universe. The Earth is NOT the center of our Solar system. The Earth is NOT at the center of our Galaxy, but out on a spiral arm. The Milky Way Galaxy is not at the center of the Universe.


It isn't. Why do you think it is?


Because it has to hold all the other planets and stars and black holes on its huge, flat surface.,..so it can’t be off to the side, because then the other stuff would just fall down and hit the ground, thus diminishing the size of the universe. And who would clean all that stuff up? You couldn’t find a broom and dustpan big enough....


you see from where you are. you are at the center of everything you see, if you wish to take that perspective. Others will argue. Look at what happens to Donald Trump when he tries that self is center of the universe thing.


Everywhere else has poor wifi.


It isn't. You are the center of YOUR subjective universe . You are near, on or in Earth, so Earth is the center of YOUR subjective universe.