Is the universe pulsing between expansion and coalescence, being recreated in each cycle?



For years, that was a theory; When the expansion of the universe was first detected, it was also proposed that gravity may halt the expansion, then draw all the mass in the universe back together once again, only to start a *new* expansion all over again. Today, we see the expansion as not slowing, but speeding up... it's not known why. The effect we see is called "Dark Energy" - dark, in that it's unknown, and energy, as there's *something* causing the expansion to accelerate. Given today's knowledge, it doesn't *look* like it'll be falling back together; it looks like the expansion will continue - perhaps forever. So... it doesn't look like a recurring universe is possible.

Jeffrey K

That is one possibility. But it seems that the expansion is speeding up now, not slowing down. But that might change in the distant future. If it collapses, we do not know what would make it expand again.

Nyx: Nope. This is a one shot universe. https

Nope. This is a one shot universe.

L. E. Gant

There's a constant, that is very close to 1..... The principle of this constant is that if it is greater than 1, the universe will eventually collapse back into itself (in some 15 or 20 billion years) if it is less than 1, the universe will continue expanding if it is 1, the universe will simply die.


No. You are making the same assumption that many people make that the laws of physics, thermodynamics AND quantum mechanics are the SAME in EACH universe. That is a FALSE premise. Circular logic.


Given that the period of such pulsation would be incredibly long, I think it would be a moot point to most of us now living. At the moment, I don't know of any evidence to support the pulsation you describe.

armen m

will expand till all matter decays but nothing is ever lost, I believe there is a multitude of other universes that will incorporate the debrie ie; another big bang

Ronald 7

Are you suggesting a Big Bounce ? It is possible We would freeze if the Constant is less than 1


Reports do confirm expansion and not coalescence. We know that our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate about 9% greater than we expected.

I Wink I Think I Stink

Some say yay, but who knows

Donut Tim

That is a well known hypothesis, however, there is no evidence for it being true.


We used to think so...Now they think the universe is speeding up...But I don't. Thats is just stupid. And I think it will be proven wrong someday. But...the universe could technically start again anywhere and not from its origin right? But I think its a coalescing and expanding of intinite that reincarnation can work...stars reincarnate..everything does..


I don't know if bing bang theory is true but accourding to it we are only expanding

Mark IX

No, the universe will simply keep expanding until all the energy in it has dissipated. The expansion-contraction theory was debunked many decades ago.