Is there extraterrestrial life?


Ronald 7

Evidence has always been lacking after all But Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence Our Universe is so unimaginably Big and there is so much we haven't learnt We can even look closer to home, there are so many Icy moons orbiting the Gas Giants Some even have subterrainian Oceans Sheilded from the rigours of open space and fed by Volcanic Vents, we just don't know what could be swimming down there Farther afield, There is hence no reason for there not to be extra terrestrial life Possibly to far over our Horizon That is how Exploration got Started


If you believe science extraterrestrial life is possible. If you believe sci-fi movies the universe is full of extraterrestrial life.


no earth gamer there are no aliens

Chris Ancor

Plenty of it.


Klathu Baradhu Nikthu.


No one really knows


there is a high probability that there is the extraterrestrial life in our universe ,you should know that the universe is composed of countless milky way ,and planets ,stars ,even if we observe them millions of millions miles away with the most advanced radiotelescope ,I think that it's the difficult for us to find the their traces ,because the universe is vast ,

Jeffrey K

Nobody knows. We have no proof of any extraterrestrial life. But there are so many stars and planets that life seems likely.


It is very possible that life on Earth came from somewhere else.


Well, that is a big question and there is no answer yet. Hardly looked at all, really. Haven't found any where we have looked, but that means very little.


NO ONE knows the answer to this question. Probably yes, but whether it survives long enough to become civilized and not destroy itself is another big IF. I suspect we were quarantined at least 70 or more years ago, maybe much earlier. The Catholic Church acknowledged there is probably other life in the Universe in the 1970s. The whales and elephants are more intelligent than many human beings, especially human beings who CHOOSE to be ignorant or stop using their brains at 10 years old or earlier.


Unknown at this time but the odds are very high that there is


Life, or INTELLIGENT life?


I asked Alexa this question earlier and she said there has been no evidence of aliens however she also said the universe is big and a large part of it hasn’t been explored


On any of those trillions of planets … impossible.


there has to be there is no god so there are no miracles according to science


The Bible disproves of that theory. Colossians 1:16 "For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him."