What is a male form of Luna?

Or just a male name that means something like moon,sun,sky,stars.I need it because Im trying to make a character a twin,and I want them to represent either the moon and the stars,the moon and the sun,the moon and the sky,or something like that.


Aglibol, Waad, and Ta'lab were the Arabian gods of the Moon, in pre-Islamic days.

Gray Bold

Máni (Old Norse "moon") is the personification of the moon in Norse mythology. He is the brother of the personified sun, Sól.


Several of Saturn's moons have names of male characters: Kiviuq (Paul Bunyan type of the Inuit) Ijiraq (Inuit shapeshifter) Erriapus (Gaulish giant) Tarqeq (Inuit Moon god) Esus (Celtic war god) Thrymr (Norse king of the frost giants)

Old Man Dirt

Aibek (Turkish for "Master of the Moon") There are others, I found this one on a site called Mom Junction.


"MOON"----- Ever hear of "Moon Mulligan"?

Joan H

How about lunatic?


That would be "luny" or the alternate spelling "lunie"