What’s the difference between the Arctic Circle and North Pole’s solar paths in the summer solstice since they are both 24 hrs daytime?



Angle? On the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole has the Sun constantly at 23.5° altitude approx while on the Arctic circle it goes between 0 and 47° above horizon.


At the North Pole the Sun will be above the horizon for the full six months of northern summer, and the Summer Solstice will be the point where it reaches approximately 23.6°above the horizon. At the North Pole there is no change in the Sun's apparent altitude due to the rotation of the Earth. Instead it slowly traces a circle in the sky at the same apparent altitude over the 24 hours. Nor is it possible to define "east" or "west" from the North Pole. At the Arctic Circle the Summer Solstice is the only time the midnight Sun occurs. At midnight the Sun just touches the south horizon instead of setting. It traces a circle in the sky over the 24 hour day with a maximum apparent altitude of 47.2° at midday.