Regarding the Universe ,earth and all the living beings .Who or What Ignited everything, when science says nothing can be created or dest?


Zardoz: You have two thought's in your head

You have two thought's in your head: Scientists say nothing can be created or destroyed. And Scientists say the Universe was created from nothing. Why do you not question your own understanding instead of theirs?

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It was a Quark of Nature


The laws of the universe such as gravitation, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics seem to suggest that everything should get more random, yet somehow we have all of these super-organisms, which seems counter-intuitive. However, these very laws that add up towards randomization, also allows for systematization. Anything that is so big as the universe, is bound to have some random events of non-randomized objects. And then these systems that have been systematized, become even more systematized, they build on their systematization.


What makes you think there had to be a 'who'?


Science certainly does not say "nothing can be created or destroyed". Matter is a form of energy, and energy can change form ---- energy into matter, and matter into energy. Energy can be positive or negative. Gravitational potential energy is negative. If you add positive energy to negative energy, you get zero energy. The total energy content of the Big Bang is quite likely to be zero. The Big Bang itself is then a separation of positive and negative energy --- the positive energy of all the "stuff" in the Universe is balanced by the negative gravitational energy of all that same stuff. The thought is that every once in a long, long, long time, this separation can happen by quantum mechanical fluctuations. But that is speculative.


one might hypot from the rules in creation,as in elements they require certain immutable conditions to interact,huge clouds gather because of mass attraction, innumerable collisions of tiny particles become small molecules of simple elements,hydrogen, carbon oxygen, merging then leads to spinning,in rough circular motion,then gathering heat,spinning faster & faster,then,,ignition,liftoff,,,,,bang,,,,, a sun,millions upon myriad of suns,burning remaining gas clouds,making space clear for millions of years, same rules,everywhere over billions of light years,what /who makes the rules? consistency indicates all is guided,,by what/whom? the creator


Science says no such thing. According to quantum physics, things CAN spring out of nothing, as long as there are equal amounts of positive and negative energy. The question then is, why didn't all that immediately annihilate each other again? There are answers to this based on parity violation, which you will need to study nuclear physics to understand.

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There is no evidence for or against the universe having an infinitely long past. Physicists and philosophers remain unsure about what, if anything preceded the Big Bang. Many refuse to speculate, doubting that information from any such prior state could ever be accessible. (One should not confuse a possible origin of the universe with the big bang. The big bang is the “expansion” of the universe and is still visibly in progress. Evidence indicates that the present expansion had a start. Sometimes the phrase big bang is used to mean the “start” of the expansion.)


Energy and matter are interchangeable is one reason why, but the process is inefficient. Entropy is another reason. The Universe is becoming more chaotic and unordered. Inertia and conservation of momentum are other reasons. The Big Bang ignited everything. No supernatural entities are required.


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Because it's scientific fact.


Err.....that's not really what science "says". According to current scientific consensus all of the matter and energy contained within our Universe "previously" was contained within a "singularity" that underwent a change called "the Big Bang". So one can not argue that the Big Bang "ignited everything" since the energy that exists in our Universe "existed prior" to the Big Bang. One can argue that WITHOUT the Big Bang our Universe would not exist but still all of the matter and energy that our Universe contains would exist (in the form of that singularity rather than in the form of our Universe).