Why does the sun rise at east and set at the west?



Because of Earth's rotation on it's axis.


Because Earth rotates from west to east.

Ronald 7

Because the Earth turns from West to East Last December we flew from Belfast to Rome via Stanstead in London We started at 7 - 30 pm in Belfast, flying towards a red sky Landed at Rome Airport at 7 - 00 pm in a red Sunset


Because Earth turns from west to east; so objects in the sky rise in the east.


The sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west because the Earth rotates from west to east.


Because the Earth TURNS towards the East


The east and the west are on the horizons. The Sun cannot set in-between because it would burn the Earth. It cannot set in the north or the south, as it is too cold there.

Joan H

The sun isn't "rising" and "setting". The earth is rotating toward what we humans have named East so we see the sun first in the east and last (for the day) in the west.