How tall can a person get through genetics?

When I a say genetics, I mean naturally without any growth disorders.


Xishun Bao (also known as Xi Shun) is one of the tallest living people at 2.36m tall. Sultan Kösen from Turkey is taller but this is a result of a condition known as "pituitary gigantism", which is the result of an over-production of growth hormone, apparently due to a tumor. So I think 2.36m is about as tall as you can get naturally. Maybe if you could undertake a selective breeding program you could get a bit taller. Goliath was supposed to be either 2.06m (4 cubits and a span) or 2.97m (6 cubits and a span) depending on the source text. My guess is that 2.06m is correct which still would have been pretty impressive for that time.