I had a dream about this last night if birds evolved from Dinosaurs what did Dinosaurs evolve from?



- Birds (Aves) evolved from small feathered Jurassic raptor dinosaurs (160 million years ago) - Dinosaurs evolved from earlier Triassic reptiles (240 mya) - Earliest reptiles evolved from Carboniferous amphibians (320 mya) - Amphibians evolved from shallow/muddy water tetrapod fishes that already could breathe and crawl on the beach (Devonian - 370 mya). - etc. etc. etc. Note that we - mammals - evolved from an early kind of Carboniferous mammal-like reptiles (312 mya). Turtles and crocodilians also branched out dinos soon after that. You have weird dreams by the way . . .


Good thing it's a dream that led you to this question. However, if you chance to pick up a text to study, this below might be relevant: Archosauria included crocodiles, birds, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and a large number of related taxa classed as "thecodonts.


They evolved from fish. Fresh fish.


from frogs


Thecodonts. Archosaurs before that, I think.