Should things like this be made illegal or at least regulated like firearms or explosives? Aside from ethical concerns isn’t there also to potential that people could make mutant animals and release them into the wild to spread bad genes into the population thus creating an environmental catastrophe? And what about people using it on ‘themselves’ for less then medical purposes like to give themselves a physical advantage or grow a third eye or something bizarre like that? This is todays world and the now realized world of Gattica and 80s sci-fi we are taking about shouldn’t governments do something before somebody creates a new breed of super virus messing around with home CRISPR DNA labs?


If the technology is not far advanced enough today for it to be a real concern try a decade from now, it’s only going to keep going further and further.


Restricted and regulated. I would also say "not in high school." It's pretty horrifying that a target organism in one of their kits is E. coli -- one of our intestinal flora symbionts.