Which term describes the tendency of a water molecule to stick to another water molecule?

Cohesion Adhesion vaporization solution I'm pretty sure it's adhesion but can never be too sure


It's cohesion. Cohesion is the force of attraction between molecules of the same substance. Adhesion is the force of attraction between different substances.


Cohesion is when the same type of molecules stick to each other. Adhesion is when a molecule, like H2O, sticks to something else. Think of the idea that tape or glue is called an adhesive, not a cohesive.


Cohesion. This is due to the polarized nature of H+ and (OH-). Polarity makes water a good solvent, gives it the ability to stick to itself (cohesion), stick to other substances (adhesion), and have surface tension.


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The answer is cohesion.