How can people say that we evolved from Monkeys?

I say we are dumber than monkeys and evolved from a species. I say that we evolved from some extinct animal thaat didnt have much intellect. I mean look at all the F-ed up things that our species does and look at how bad we have F-ed up our planet.


If you say we evolved from monkeys you have to say how far back in our ancestry you are going. Our more direct descendant was a species of ape, a descendant we share with the Bonobo and the Chimpanzee.


Because we did evolve from monkeys. We also evolved from bony fish. Would you like to deny your bony fish ancestors too?


Because they are ignorant of primate evolution. Monkeys branched off our line of descent tens of thousands of years ago. We are descended from something we would probably call an ape if we saw it walking around. Google Ardeopithecus for something close to the branching point between us and the present-day apes.


Hmmm, whom to believe? uneducated fool or a scientist who studied hard science for decades. Tough choice.


In English, "monkey" is paraphyletic (it doesn't include apes) so in this language, it shouldn't be used in biology. You could argue that earliest apes (proconsulidae) evolved from monkeys, but you should precise 'Old World monkeys" which is monophyletic. However, this being said, humans did evolve from monkeys. "Simian" avoid the ambiguity: hominids are a family of simians.


They don't know the difference between a monkey and an ape.


We did not evolve from monkeys- yet we did evolve. It is a common misconception when talking about evolution that we evolved from monkeys just as dogs evolved from wolves- neither of these statements are true. If we evolved from monkeys, there would be no monkeys left just people. We share a common ancestor that had changed and evolved to meet the necessities of each group. This is why we are currently looking for the missing link - scientists are looking for the common ancestor between us. This is true for dogs as well. There would be a common ancestors between them and their more wild wolf counterparts. Part of the population evolved around humans and the other part remained in the wild thus evolving into domesticated dogs and wolves. For those who use religion as a reason to not believe in evolution- I want to put my two cents in. I am both religious and a scientist. I believe in God, and that he helped put us here, but I also believe in evolution. It is possible for both. And if anyone would like to converse about it I am more than happy to. Evolution is very real and we have an abundance of facts and evidence that prove it.

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We didn t evolve at all. If someone believes in the Bible, as I do, we were created. We did not evolve from anything else. Everything was created by Jehovah. If we evolved from a monkey or ape, what did they evolve from. There has to be a starting point. Our heavenly Father Jehovah created the heavens & the earth, & then created man & woman. The rest is history. As for the way the world is, give that credit to Satan. At this particular time, believe it or not, Satan the devil controls the world. That s the reason so many bad things are happening. Soon, though, Jehovah will bring Satan to ruin. Then, & only then, will we be able to enjoy peace on earth. I encourage you all to read & study the Bible daily.