Is Absolute Mold Removal Indoors Possible?

Mold spores are found floating all around us. They are not much harmful as it is and are not visible to the human eye. But when these spores come in contact with moisture and there is a presence of organic matter they start to grow. You can see this mold growth on walls, ceilings, attic or any other spot inside your office or home where there is enough humidity to aid its growth. The first sign is a musty odor and then some colored and growth of black patches on these areas. Now mold removal Miami FL or any other place is not possible absolutely. What is done is mold remediation. The mold is treated and removed from the spot momentarily. There is a scope of its growth again if the cause for its formation is not removed. So the process that is to be followed is mold removal and then repair the area that allows the formation of moisture. Now when you have no enough moisture there will be no mold growth. So though in practice it may be referred to as mold removal it is better to say as mold remediation.


No. You have eloquently answered your own question. You can not get rid of all mold. You can buy various mold removers and apply the appropriate amount of elbow grease and get rid of most of the visible stuff. But unless the entire area is completely dry, mold will regrow.


Yes, well, technically, there are very few things that are absolute. They definitely do remove mold, whether or not they get every last bit. Less than before=some was removed.


it IS called mold remediation and it costs a fortune! maybe the term used depends on the size of the mold in the home.