Is pollen a form of sperm?

My bio professor said something along those lines


sort of. Both are haploid cells, made en masse by male organs (some flowers are male and female, some are both). the difference is that pollen don't have a swimming device to propell them, and that plants don't make a foetus but a seed

Roger the Mole

No. But it serves the same purpose.


No, pollen is not a form of sperm. It is not even a good analogy. Pollen is a fine powder produced by anthers (part of the male reproductive structures of angiosperms (flowering plants)) and the male cones of gymnosperms (seed-bearing plants). Pollen contains pollen grains which are haploid microspores of the partly developed microgametophyte from which the male gamete develops. In summary, a sperm is the male gamete of an animal. Pollen is NOT the male gamete of plants.