How does garbage end up in the ocean?





1. Thrown directly into the ocean. 2. Thrown in a river which flows into the ocean 3. Blown from a dump into the ocean 4. Washed in by a Tsunami / flood etc. 5. Dumped [or washed] off a ship Those would be the main ways.


Waste at sea is from wastes from waste bins, roads and landfills, which are fed into sewers, rivers or directly into the sea. ... The rubbish enters the gutter. The rubbish passes through the sewer pipes, the waters and finally the ocean


A thoughtless white passenger in a 1968 Ford Galaxy roaring down the highway throws it out the window to scatter across the beaded moccasins of Iron Eyes Cody dressed up as a teary eyed Indian who gathers it, puts it in a birchbark canoe and paddles it down to the ocean.


Thoughtless people threw it there.


fundamentally, that is where everything ends up eventually. Ocean covers 2/3 of the earth and everything on land is heading down to the ocean because of gravity. Once in the ocean, there is no out. Iam gives common sources.


Some countries will still dump it, many rivers eventually end up in the oceans and carry it out with them. Saw an article yesterday were the river was filled with floating trash. Apparently it has been that way for years, it is how the trash is dealt with. Point is, any effort to clean this crap up, has to be world wide. If only a handful of countries are cleaning up their act or have alternatives, it doesn't do a whole hell of lot globally.