Why did they wanted to kill Armenains for what did they do wrong to be killed?


Ed Harley

Diversity always causes division. Tolerance is temporary. Eventually, races and cultures will fight like cats in a sack, until they're separated again.

The First Dragon

Because they were not Turks and they were predominantly Christian. This was before the time of Kemal Ataturk, so intolerance of non-Muslims was very strong. Actually, it stayed pretty strong even after Ataturk came to power. ]nd BTW, Kemalist tolerance has been nearly eliminated during the Presidency of Erdogan, the incumbent. He didn't start the decline though.] Still, in spite of anti-Christian bigotry, I don't think genocide was the intention. Remember, this was WWI era history; leadership in every country involved was utterly stupid and reckless when it came to human life. People were sent into snowy regions without winter clothes, without food, even their own generals sent millions to death without thinking. The deaths of the Armenians were largely of this sort - they were gathered up for deportation and taken into remote areas where they lacked the necessities of life. It turned out, I think, worse than intended. Nevertheless, it has always been illegal in Turkey to talk publicly about the Armenian genocide - or massacres - or depopulation - or whatever you want to call it. Note the big contrast between the Turkish attitude and the US's attitudes toward its own wrongs. There is nobody in the US, for instance, who denies the evil of slavery, or justifies it. Our pride is in having abolished it.


just because they WERE Armenians ..................................................