What are some water sources in the south pacific ocean, besides the ocean itself and except for rain?



It's not clear what is meant here. "Except for rain" seems to eliminate rivers, too! Anyway, all the major rivers of South America drain into the Atlantic. Australia has some rivers. "Besides the ocean itself" seems to eliminate the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which is THE major source of water for the South Pacific Ocean ("except for rain"). The water sweeps (slowly) west to east, and in the South Pacific drifts very, very slowly northward.

Atarah Derek

I assume you mean land based freshwater sources. Namely island springs. And whatever supplies Australia's east coast.


If you exclude RAIN and the Ocean, there is only one thing left - Melting ICE from Antarctica.


Isn't the ocean big enough ? What other sources do you imagine, for heaven's sake ? Is there a purpose behind this question ? A bit of context might be useful. Otherwise it just seems a completely ridiculous question. P.S. What, exactly, do you MEAN by "source"? It is a weird word to use in this context. The ocean is not a "source" - the water does not GO anywhere. If anything, it is a "dump" : where all the run-off from the lands around it ends up.